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New Locomotives
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Republic Locomotive Manufactures and Services New
and Rebuilt Locomotives & Yard Switchers

Republic Locomotive was founded in 1980 in Greenville, S.C. as a locomotive rebuilder, and has become the only manufacturer of all-new industrial locomotives in North America. Republic Locomotive decided to reinvent the industrial locomotive, and using its expertise acquired through the years, created and patented the new RX500 AC Traction Locomotive.

Republic Locomotive has built new industrial switchers, Class 1 road switchers, commuter locomotives, branch line units and transit switchers.

  • High Adhesion AC Traction
  • High Efficiency Engines and Drive Systems
  • Radio Control and Remote Diagnostics
  • Environmentally Friendly Systems
  • Custom Designs for Unique Applications
  • Wide Range of Leasing and Financing Options
  • Complete Parts and Field Service
  • Full Service Remanufacturing Repairs and
        Contract Maintenance
  • Turnkey In-Plant Contract Switching Service Available

  • New RL 1000 Roadswitcher Locomotive
    Custom design

    RX 500 Industrial Locomotive
    RX500 Industrial

    First major redesign
    in 70 years

    Remanufacturing of GP 40 Demolished Locomotive
    Rebuilt & Repaired

    Heavy wreck

     AC Traction Locomotive - RX 500 Locomotive
    AC Traction vs
    DC Traction

    current drive

    Tractive Effort Locomotive - RD 20 Roadswitcher
    Tractive Effort,
    Power Calculations

    How to size a locomotive

    RX 500 Exported Locomotive
    Industries Served
    The first RX500
    exported to Russia


    Republic Locomotive    P.O. Box 1236, Greenville, SC  29602-1236   Tel: 1-888-LOCOMOTive
    864-271-4000    Fax: 864-271-5254  •